Physics Research Centre,, shestco


Equipped for Research and Development(R & D) in Materials Science and Applied Physics.

Equipment Available at PARC

Scanning Electron Microscope
Surface Profiliometer
4-point probe resistivity measurement system
Solar Simulator
Spin coater
UV/Visible Spectrometer
Optical Interference Microscope

Materials & Photovoltaics

The R&D activities of the AMP group have three main divisions. Read more….

Solar-thermal energy research

Development of Solar-thermal energy generation

Thin-film development

Fabrication of thin-film photo-voltaic cells


Energy storage research

Development of activated carbon supercapacitors

Fabrication and development of lead acid/Li-ion batteries


Thin-film development

Characterization of research samples

Host postgraduate researchers for advanced research in materials and solid-state physics

Consultancy in energy, materials and electronics

Community services through training