The Sheda Science and Technology Complex contains three National Advanced Laboratories:

Biotechnology Advanced Laboratory: Research and development activities at the biotech lab span the realm of food and agricultural biotechnology, industrial biotechnology, medical biotechnology, environmental biotechnology and biomaterials. Click here for more information.
Chemistry Advanced Laboratory: The focus of this laboratory includes agricultural chemistry, organic and natural product chemistry, solid mineral processing, polymer chemistry, analytical/environmental chemistry as well as inorganic chemistry. Click here to get more information.

Physics Advanced Laboratory: The physics lab is involved in research on mechanical and electronics materials development as well as energy related development. Click here for a detailed description of the nature of research carried out at the Physics Advanced Laboratory.
In addition to these three laboratories, a Nuclear Technology Centre with a gamma irradiation facility is available at SHESTCO. This centre will be operated on a semi-commercial basis.
In line with on-going reforms, which encourage growing partnership between the public and private sectors of the Nigerian economy, SHESTCO is developing a Technology Park, an innovative project that, it is hoped, would attract or spur the growth of science and technology based research and development enterprises.