Vision of the Complex

The Complex was created with the vision to:

Provide Opportunities for utilizing High Technology to contribute to the upliftment of the standard of living of the Nigerian Citizenry as well as guarantee a wholesome environment.

To achieve this objective, the Complex is to promote effective information exchange between it and other institutions within the country as well as between it and international institutions. It is also to contribute to the competitiveness of industries by promoting innovation and thus assure their profitability and survival.

Mission of the Complex

The mission of the Complex is to provide facilities for research and development at the highest possible level in the basic and applied sciences to the entire scientific community of the country to develop results of research for application in the areas of agriculture, health, industry and environment.


Vision, Mission and Strategic objective of SHESTCO Silicon


The vision of SHESTCO Silicon Valley is to provide a platform for developing and harnessing the potentials of silicon technology, solar technology, and integrated circuit technology for job creation, wealth creation, technological advancement and economic development of Nigeria, andto become the main hub for technological inventions, development and manufacture, both for the Nigerian and African regional markets.


To develop infrastructures and system that will facilitate:

  1. Support and enhancement of technology innovations.
  2. Creation of technology-based firms.
  • Promotion and development of research results.
  1. Attraction of foreign investments in the area of Silicon, Solar and Integrated Circuit technologies etc.


  1. To stimulate and effectively manage the flow of knowledge and technology amongst universities, R&D institutions, companies and markets.
  2. To stimulate and effectively manage the flow of knowledge and technologies via international technology transfer and domestication of the technologies.
  • To develop a complete value chain for solar technology in research and development, sales and distribution, technical service operations, assembly and module manufacturing and solar farm host site.
  1. To facilitate the creation and growth of innovation based companies through incubation and spin-off processes.
  2. To provide other added value services together with high quality space and facilities.
  3. To provide clustering opportunities for companies that engage in research, development and application of technologies related to such fields as biotechnologies, renewable energy, engineering, information technologies, etc.

To ensure full commercialization of research output both in terms of focusing the research and tertiary institutions endeavours towards commercially viable areas of study as well as minimizing the transition period between technological innovation and its commercial development


Mandate of the Complex

  • Developing facilities for the effective practice of applications oriented Science & Technology in Nigeria,
  • Carrying out research and development activities involving the highest level of technologies available in the world with a view to strengthening the technological base of the Nigerian economy,
  • In particular, operating a nuclear research reactor facility capable of providing service in the fields of agriculture, medicine, industry and Basic Sciences.
  • Operating internationally accessible and comprehensive data base, in the area of Science and Technology,
  • Conducting research and development activities in the field of conventional and non-conventional energy,
  • Carry out structured manpower training to meet the growing needs of Nigeria in the areas of high technology and
  • Providing avenues through which all the institutions of higher learning in Nigeria may carry out capital intensive research on a cost effective basis.