The Sheda Science and Technology Complex (SHESTCO), a parastatal under the aegis of the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology was established by Act No. CAP. S5 (formerly decree No. 95 of 1993) as a multi-disciplinary Research and Development Centre. The  Complex was established for the purpose of enabling institutions and individuals to undertake a wide range of research and development in a comprehensive and organized manner. The Complex houses facilities with concentration of sophisticated and modern equipment for R&D involving the highest level of technology in one location. This is to avoid their unnecessary wide diffusion with the attendant cost effectiveness, thus ensuring their sustainability and intensity of use. In other words, the Complex is modeled as a Science and Technology Village with facilities for high technology research and supporting infrastructure of power, water supplies as well as housing and other social/recreational facilities. These facilities are for use by researchers from the academia (tertiary educational/research institutions) to conduct research and development activities for applications in the area of agriculture, healthcare and industrial productions.